The seamless blend of heavy psych and stoner rock sounds of Mountain Tamer began in late 2011 on the outskirts of San Francisco. Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Andrew Hall, drummer Casey Garcia and bassist Dave Teget, the band garnered local success with their entrancing live performance, opening for established touring acts such as Dead Meadow and The Budos Band across the San Francisco bay area. The band then shifted their ambition beyond California, playing multiple successful tours throughout the west coast and and western United States.

Gaining momentum, the band released their demo “MTNTMR” in 2015, earning the attention of Italian label Argonauta Records. Signing with Argonauta, Mountain Tamer released their self-titled debut album in Spring 2016 to critical acclaim for its driving composition and genre bending approach to stoner and psych rock.

                         “This is inherently what makes the album a unique experience in this age of saturation: it refuses to play nice and certainly lulls the listener into a false perception then barraging them with an arsenal of aural hallucinations many bands are unworthy to wield.” – Heavy Planet

Now based of Los Angeles, the band has already made their mark, opening for the original bassist of Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Oliveri, and his band Mondo Generator. Hard at work on new material, Mountain Tamer has their sights on expanding their musical horizons yet again through their accessible but ever-evolving sound.

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