Mountain Tamer is a heavy psych rock trio from Los Angeles, California consisting of Andru Hall (guitar//lead vocals), Casey Garcia (drums//vocals) and Dave Teget (bass//vocals).   Since 2010 Mountain Tamer has been expanding minds through an intersection of classic 60’s psychedelia, heavy riffs of the 70’s, plus a modern, spacey twist that is truly unique to the band . Signing to European label Argonauta Records in 2015, the band released their self-titled debut album the following year in February 2016 to critical praise for their distinctive style, musicianship and ability to blend multiple musical elements into one cohesive experience.

They are not easily comparable to anyone, it is all their own and for a first album they have already done something many more established bands are still trying to figure out.

Heavy Planet –

” The multi-vocalist approach, their penchant for departing from structure into jammy flights on cuts like “Dunes of the Mind,” “Vixen” and “Satan’s Waitin’” and the swing they present in their underlying groove is markedly their own.”

– The Obelisk –

“This is inherently what makes the album a unique experience in this age of saturation: it refuses to play nice and certainly lulls the listener into a false perception then barraging them with an arsenal of aural hallucinations many bands are unworthy to wield.”

 – The Metal Observer –

The band has refused to set a limit on psychedelic experimentation, evidenced by their entrancing recordings and delivery of unforgettable, dynamic live performances that you cannot afford to miss. Mountain Tamer channels the entirety of their passion into every offering they put forth and have no plans of slowing down.

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